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Cash Bids are updated every 10 minutes during the trading session and during the overnight (electronic) session.  Cash bids are approximate, and all final bids will be determined mutually by the seller and Elkhart Grain in person or by phone.

 Do you farm ground affected by Lake Fork Ditch?
Click here to view the USGS (United States Geological Survey) webpage which measures gage height and water flow through Lake Fork at Rt 54. 

Futures Quotes
Quotes are delayed, as of December 05, 2023, 10:04:28 PM CST or prior.

Hog Prices Drop by Triple Digits
Front month lean hog futures settled the session with $1.12 to $1.45 losses for Tuesday. The Feb contract now sits at a 75c loss for the week’s move. The National Average Base Hog price fell by $2.26 to $53.96 in the AM report. The 11/30 CME Lean Hog Index was...
Wheat Rally Continues through Tuesday
The front month wheat futures market continued the strength through Tuesday with another round of gains. March Chicago wheat was up by 10 ¾ cents, and now sits 29 cents off the low. KC wheat prices were up by a nickel across the front months. Spring wheat futures were up...
Tuesday Gains for Corn Futures
The corn market settled the Tuesday session near the highs with 2 ½ to 5 cent gains across the front months. South Korea’s KFA is on the market for 68k MT of feed corn via tender. Trader estimates ahead of Friday’s December WASDE and Crop Production reports show analysts are...
Beans Fractionally Mixed as Meal Steals Margin from Oil
The Tuesday soy market saw meal rally 2% while the oil fell by 2%. Beans themselves were fractionally mixed at the close. Soymeal futures ended the day ]$4.70 to $11.40 higher on Tuesday, while Soybean Oil futures fell 92 to 98 points. On net, the CME Synthetic Soy Crush was...
Cattle Futures Rallied back on Tuesday
The Turnaround Tuesday for cattle flipped the board into the black for the week. Futures rebounded by $1.35 to $1.90 across the front months. Feeders led the way with 1.7% to 2% gains of as much as $4.17. There were no confirmed cash trades on Monday, with cash trade last...

Market Snapshot
Quotes are delayed, as of December 05, 2023, 10:04:28 PM CST or prior.

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