Elkhart Grain Company's goal is to deliver superior services to our production customers and a superior product to our end user customers. We provide area grain producers with highly efficient and flexible grain handling and storage facilities as well as reliable and competitive markets for their production.

We strive to add value for our customers through transportation efficiency and aggressively seeking new market opportunities in traditional markets as well as specialty grain markets.

For our end user customers, we can provide both rail and truck delivery ranging in size from a single truck to a 110-car unit-train. We currently deal primarily with Commodity Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat. We have fifteen years of experience with contract production, special handling and identity preservation. Our success is totally dependent upon the success of our area producers and our ability to exceed the expectations of our customers.



Elkhart Grain was founded in 1990 with the purchase of the Elkhart facility from Welch Agribusiness. In 1996, we enlarged our trade area to the north with the purchase of the Broadwell elevator from Broadwell Grain Company.  

Both facilities are located just off I-55 in southwestern Logan County.  In 2004 the opportunity to purchase the grain facilities of Lake Fork Grain Co. in Mt. Pulaski and Lake Fork allowed Elkhart Grain to more than double its storage capacity and to broaden our customer base to the east.



Every year we strive to enhance our dumping, drying and storage capabilities.  We invest in all of our facilities yearly, and our focus is to decrease friction for our harvest customers so they can get in and out of our facilities as quickly as possible.  We have incresed dumping capacity, drying capacity, and improved traffic flow, always with our customers in mind.


Total storage capacity at all our facilities is 9,500,000 bu.



Elkhart Grain Company
P.O. Box 216, 120 N. Old Rt. 66, Elkhart, IL 62634
Phone: 217.947.2751
Fax: 217.947.2942

Mt. Pulaski
 P.O. Box 25, 404 West Lipp Road Mt. Pulaski, IL 62548
Phone: 217.792.5711

 Lake Fork



The newly acquired Lake Fork facility